#1 Premium Page Builder For WordPress!

By Farhan M | June 30, 2018 | In Informational, WordPress & Divi

One of the greatest perks of using WordPress is the simple drag and drop nature without the need for (complex) CSS and Javascript coding knowledge. The Divi visual page builder plugin, by Elegent Themes, which also supports it’s own theme is also known as “the photoshop for web developing”.

Let’s get some facts straight about Divi:

  • Ranked the best WP page builder of 2018
  • Almost half a million active installs
  • 30+ pre-made professionally designed layout packs with multiple pages for 10+ genres
  • 36 modules and 46 content elements

The list goes on but you can learn more about the Divi features from here.


So now we can agree Divi has a lot going on for itself, but still, why is it the best page builder?! If just the above list isn’t enough for you, how about this: The Divi community is the biggest and the fastest growing in the WP community; there literally isn’t a thing you won’t find from a simple Google or YouTube tutorial search. In fact, the community is so big that big named developers have focused all of their efforts on developing purely Divi based products such as extended feature plugins! Moreover, there are dedicated markets for Child Themes, Plugins, Module Extensions, and much more!

Still not enough? How about the ability to actually use code. Yes, code! Divi’s back-end lets you utilise and integrate everything from Javascript, HTML, CSS, and to PHP rewrites flawlessly – enabling you to produce truly unique results. Again, you don’t have to be an expert in coding to get your hands on some CSS; the community has so much resources available it is as simple as copy and pasting!

Fine, you don’t like coding. But what if you didn’t have to spend hours designing a website? Well you’re in luck. Elegant Theme releases a brand new full layout pack EVERY WEEK. Yes, you literally receive a brand new, beautiful website design for you to use and modify anyhow, as you please, every week. Not to mention they are walked-through, along with all Divi features through daily videos on the Elegant Themes’ YouTube channel.

Okay, so now we can almost agree that Divi is the best premium page builder for WordPress, but what is this premium exactly? Well as of 30/06/2018, to purchase Divi with a single year’s worth of updates and support, it will cost $89. However, the lifetime package will cost you $249 – which includes lifetime updates, support, and access to their other well-known plugins such as Monarch and Bloom. You might be thinking is $249 worth it for access to Elegant Theme’s resources? – the simple answer is yes. You literally get brand new website designs handed to you on a plate. Not to mention, truly amazing features which no single other page builder possess – such as animations, shape dividers, custom CSS within the modules, and a flawless visual builder. The Divi theme is so amazing, you can quite literally recreate almost any site on the internet – now that is powerful.