Is An SSL Certificate Really Important?

By Farhan M | June 23, 2018 | In Informational

With the world shifting online more now than a few years ago and with the recent data manipulation scandals, it almost makes sense that online security is even more required.

In a nutshell an SSL certificate can be described as a digital file or piece of code that has two main purposes: data encryption, and authentication/verification – it essentially allows a secure connection between a browser and web server.

The simplest way to identify whether a website has an SSL certificate is by looking at the web address (URL) bar and confirming the following two things: a padlock before the URL which is usually green, and the URL starts with ‘HTTPS’ not ‘HTTP’ where the ‘S’ stands for secure.


As of May 2018 Google’s Chrome browser will flag any non ‘HTTPS’ URL’s, i.e. without an SSL certificate, with a full-page warning that the website in question is “potentially malicious” and “unsafe” for the browser to go on. This now means that individuals and businesses that rely heavily on their online presence now have another potential deterrent for potential visitors and customers. Additionally, this also adds onto a finding that almost 40% of browsers will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To summarise, an SSL certificate is very important, not only because it is being enforced by monopolistic internet corporations but is also imperative in this day and age where our personal data is being accessed via the use of browser cookies and potentially other malicious means.

Almost every web host provider either sells individual or group (Wildcard) SSL certificates where the price can range from five pounds to hundreds! But fortunately you can look into content delivery networks (CDN’s) such as CloudFlare that will provide certificates for free. Additionally, some web host providers are affiliated with Let’sEncrypt – they are an organisation that believes everyone should have access to an encrypted site, and thus provide SSL certificates for free also.

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