WordPress Services We Offer.

1-on-1 WP Basics Masterclass

Want to get hands on with WordPress without having to follow a bunch of mixed tutorials online? We can coach you on everything from the basics of WP installations to some nitty gritty coding!

SMTP Email Set Up

Out-of-the-bat, WordPress sends emails via a PHP protocol by default. This is a horrible way to send an email, for example a contact form, as it is extremely slow and unreliable. We will set up an SMTP email with special API credential ID’s; this means you will receive emails and messages from your site at the same speed as a normal email!


Have content/code on your WP website but nothing is load? Or is loading extremely slow? We will use the perfect plugins, with optimum settings, and much more to get your website fast and optimised.

On-Page SEO Masterclass

Search engine optimisation is imperative if you are a business online. As simple as using header tags and keywords are, you need to be very very specific. We will give you first-hand exposure to on-page SEO.


Child Theme

Love to make vigorous edits to your WordPress PHP files but don’t want to lose anything after a major update? You need a child theme! Not just any child theme. Your own!

Have A Question?

CSS and HTML Masterclass

CSS and HTML brings extra customisation to your site as well as opens doors to endless design ideas. We will run through the basics of CSS, HTML, and even the Inspect tool on any browser.

Google Analytics Integration

Of course you would want to know how many people have visited your site on a daily basis. Including what page, how long for, and perhaps the type of device? Either way, we can completely set up the Google web ecosystem for you – which is quite complex!

Setup & Installlation

Setting up a new WordPress website can be a bit daunting since there’s loads of little things to keep an eye out for. From settings, to posts, to pages, to plugins, to themes, and to even navigations. Let us handle it.


HTTPS Redirect For SSL Certificates

Got everything but an SSL certificate? Or have an SSL certificate but your site isn’t redirecting to HTTPS? We can sort it all out within minutes!

E-Commerce Masterclass

If you want to make an e-commerce store then there are many things you need to do to in terms of the store settings and product settings. To set up a simple product, you need to consider at least 10 things. We will walk you through it all.